Sunday, May 13, 2007

Chinese Cinderella 14

Chapter 14 was a really major chapter for the plot change. In this chapter Adeline runs for student council president against her arch rival Chen Lei-Lei. They were allowed to make posters and campaign speeches. Wu Chun-mei was Adeline's campaign manager and announced that Adeline would be holding a speech right after class was over. Much to Adeline's amazement every single one of her classmates stay and listen to her talk. When she is giving her speech she tells her classmates that she doesn't think she should be president but rather Wu Chun-mei should be. "She doesn't know this, but I think she should be the candidate instead of me." pg. 108 When she is done giving her speech Wu Chun-mei asks her when did she all of a sudden want to nominate her. However Adeline has to hurry home as she can not be late or her Niang will surely beat her. She hurries home only not before Wu Chun-mei says to her "Don't worry! I'll win this thing for you! Afterward let's have a party at my house to celebrate." pg. 109.

When she gets home she is not met by Niang she is met by her Aunt Baba, who brings her up to their room and tries to get Adeline to talk about what happened to her yesterday when her father beat her for going to a friend's house. Adeline is ashamed and doesnt want to tell her Aunt Baba. Adeline finally breaks down and screams "I want to forget everything that goes on here. I love my school! There I have friends! There I have fun! We sit together and discuss books and things. My friends respect me. My teacher likes me." pg.110. This is where Adeline finally is able to say everything that had been on her mind. Aunt Baba understands and her and Ye Ye want her to understand that that is what it should be like, and they want her to not forget that so she can be different.

She goes back to school the next day ans is suprised when her name is called for being the winner of class president. Adeline was very excited yet scared at the prospect of having to deal with lying about the party. However she is grateful when Wu Chun-mei never brings it up and proceeds home. She is in her room when she hears a loud commotion in the downstairs, knowing who it is she rushes downstairs so that her friends will all leave so she will not get in trouble. She is far too late and her Niang screams at her to get up to the master bedroom. There her father and Niang both yell and whip her loud enough so that all her friends and classmates hear every single word. She is so embrassed and is even more when they make her tell her friends that they all must get out of her house and never come back. Adeline's last words to all of them are " Thank you for coming. I'll never forget your loyalty." pg. 116. The next day her bags are packed and she is disowned from her family and sent to live in a boarding school in Tianjin.

I thought that this chapter was horrible and i felt immense pain for all of Adeline's suffering. To think of the embarassment and hurt she must have felt when they did that to her in front of all of her friends. And then to not even let her say goodbye to them and send her away for something as silly as having friends making to much noise is shocking. I don't think anyone can really comprehend just how lucky we really are to be living in a country that this kind of parental teaching is not allowed.


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